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Video and Still Photography Upgrades for Future Productions.

Canon 60D



Camera Bag


Canon 60D Video Mic


New Announcement 9-16-13

Business Partner Wanted

I am looking for a business partner who is a producer and writer to help develop I, Creator for cable TV as a science fiction series.

Contact Mike Cervello, if you meet the requirements.

  • Previous experience in selling content to cable TV, screen writing, and production for film or TV is a must.
  • Part ownership in the business is being offer. How much depends on how much value you bring to the development of the series.

Announcement 1-27-13

I, Creator 3 - The Singularity in Development along with a proposed TV Series

I, Creator 3 - The Singularity - Logline.

  • Families of cyborgs and humans are chosen by the goddess of creation to work together to unite their planet in the face of a nuclear holocaust.


Announcement 11-19-12

A revised 22 minute of I, Creator 2 - Goddess Of The Hunt is completed and in the hands of a festival.

Announcement 9-17-12

A 5 Minute Preview for I, Creator The TV Series is in development as part of the package to shop to small cable TV Networks.

Announcement 8-29-12

I, Creator The TV Series is in development for a small cable TV Network.

Announcement 6-15-12

Mike Cervello and Daniela Dakich introduce I, Creator 2 - Goddess Of The Hunt


Announcement 6-13-12

A 22 minute of I, Creator 2 - Goddess Of The Hunt is completed and in the hands of a festival.

Here is the trailer.



Announcement 2-26-12

Preproduction for the pickup footage for I, Creator 2, Goddess Of The Hunt's Spring Shoot is in full motion.

Announcement 1-9-12

There will be a tribute to the original I, Creator in I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt. A real fan of the original I, Creator who paid attention to every detail should be able to spot it.


We expect to have a live action trailer of I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt available on the Internet by mid 2012. The rough cut is pretty much complete. But, lots of work is still ahead with 3D animation, new backgrounds, music, completed special effects, and sound mixing. People on the inside can vouch it will blow the doors off of the original I, Creator. All we have available now are photos and an illustrated animatic. When the live action trailer is released, it will be worth the wait.

I, Creator 3: The Singularity -- Announcement

I, Creator 3: The Singularity screenplay is in development and will welcome SAG into the expected ultra-low budget production. We will welcome back the cast from IC2 who made

it to the end and fill any open roles around those who return with SAG actors and will have a SAG stunt coordinator. The new production will be a science fiction action adventure

feature film where the story takes place on the high tech futuristic Amazon planet, Delta Four. Male actors will be cast who are between four and five feet tall. Actresses between 5'4"

and 5'8" will be cast as Amazons. Actresses 5'11" and taller will be cast for cyborg roles. Keep in mind, cyborgs are built to be taller with idealistic Human figures.



Nick Katerelos



Nick is building Andromeda for our production, I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt now in postproduction.


I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt

Now in Production!


Foreground: Director Mike CervelloNewProduction

Background left to right:

Galina Friant returns as Special Forces Cyborg General Gail Storm, Jennifer Plotzke plays Special Forces Cyborg Major Summer Storm (Gail's sister cyborg made by the same human creator), Malin Tybahl as Aretias Amazon Army Private Philippis, and James Santopolo plays Private Philippis civilian husband, Orion. All characters are from the planet, Delta Four.



We have Setor Attipoe playing Captain Callisto from Liberber on Delta Four in the Army fatigues surrounded by Silver Demon Hunters.


Our Silver Demon Hunters unmasked: Left to Right: Mohamed Alshami, Koji Nishiyama, John Zion, and James Santopolo who also plays Orion, husband of Private Philippis,









Shooting On Location in Forest Park


Artemis arrives in I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt


Left to Right: Galina Friant as Cyborg Special Forces General Gail Storm, Melissa Klein as Cyborg Special Forces General Angela Bruno, and Daniela Dakich as Artemis: Goddess Of The Hunt, posing as an Army Medic for the country of Aretias for the planet, Delta Four.


Left ot Right: Galina Friant as Cyborg Special Forces General Gail Storm, Katarina Radivojevic as Cyborg Special Forces Colonel Roberta Azzurra, Justine Harrison as Aretias Amazon Army Colonel Alkaia, Setor Attipoe as Liberber Amazon Army Captain Callisto, and Jennifer Plotzke as Cyborg Special Forces Major Summer Storm, all from the planet, Delta Four on the alien world of ME21, a Class M Earth-like planet. The cyborgs are here, by order of the Aretias Amazon Queen, to rescue what humans from their homeworld they can and to exterminate the Silver Demon Hunters for hunting humans as game.

Search & Destroy

Cyborgs lead humans back to Andromeda to safety.


The goddess, Artemis, joins the cyborgs and humans to maintain peace between them.


In their search for humans on a search and rescue mission, a cyborg discovers some of the horrors of the silver demon hunters on the planet ME21.


Even in this high tech society, human problems exist. Special Foreces Cyborg General Gail Storm busts the human Amazon, Army Colonel Alkaia for drinking on the job.


This cyborg has the ability to smell.


Returning Characters With Two New Faces

to the I, Creator series.


Left to Right: Melissa Klein as Angela Bruno, Katarina Radivojevic as Roberta Azzurra, and Galina Friant returns as Gail Storm


Audio Upgrades for

I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt


A broadcast quality shotgun mic


A better recorder


December 16, 2010 update:

I, Creator will be available as a VOD download to purchase on within the next 60 days. Details will follow.


Casting I, Creator 2 (Here)

Available as a VOD here Amazon VOD

January 31, 2011 Blog

NY Comic Con

Representatives of I, Creator from Modern Day Myth Productions will be at NY Comic Con this week at booth # 2967.

See actress Galina Friant as Gail Storm live. Hopefully, Natalia Korablina will appear as Roberta Azzurra.

NY Comic Con


Now in Development

I, Creator 2: Goddess of the Hunt

A short to prequel our next feature I, Creator 3: Herstory.

The short will show what Gail Storm's Black Ops Special Forces Cyborgs of Delta Four do in a rescue mission. The short will also show a growning tension between humans and

cyborgs of Delta Four that will lead to a revolution.


When life around the universe becomes threatened by two Amazons transformed into cyborgs who are obsessed with ruling the universe, the goddess of the Amazons appears among

them to prepare three cyborgs to become the champions of humankind.

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Casting I, Creator 2

This production will be shot and made in New York in 2011.

We hope to shoot this short next year around the summer time. But, we have a long preproduction planned that is necessary to build custom props, a spaceship for the production, casting,

rehearsals, and costume making and fitting.

I Creator -- NY Comic Con
Uploaded by ModernDayMythProductions. - Check out other Film & TV videos. 

This weekend meet Gail Storm at NY Comic Con.


Meet the NY Comic Con Support Team for Modern Day Myth Productions LLC (Left to Right): Filmmaker Rodney Belle, Actress Galina Friant as Cyborg Gail Storm,

Actress Natalia Korablina as Cyborg Roberta Azzurra, and Filmmaker Mike Cervello.

Thank you people for getting the word out on I, Creator.

New for 2011

There will be a script reading on Sunday, January 16, 2011 in the afternoon from 2PM to 4PM at the Barrow

Group located at 312 W 36th Street Room 3A, NY, NY 10018 for I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt to

flush out any remaining problems with the script before it is send to a script consultant for final recommendations.

Casting is expected to begin the first week of March 201l.

I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt

When life around the universe becomes threatened by two Amazons transformed into cyborgs who are obsessed

with ruling the universe, the goddess of the Amazons appears among them to prepare three cyborgs to

become the champions of humankind.


I, Creator 2 FR V4 from Mike Cervello on Vimeo


Looking for actors to read the following characters

Narrator (male voice), ANDROMEDA, an AI stealth Black Ops spaceship (female), ANGELA BRUNO, a Black Ops

Cyborg (female 20s), ANTIANARA, a Black Ops Cyborg (female 20s), ARES, God of War (male 20s to 30s),

ARTEMIS, Goddess of the Amazons (female 20s), BREMUSA, a Black Ops Cyborg (female 20s), CAPTAIN

CALLISTO , an Amazon Soldier from Liberberia (female 20s), COLONEL ALKAIA, an Amazon soldier from

Aretias (female 30s), COLONEL KIHINA, an Amazon soldier from Liberberia (female 30s), GAIL STORM, a Black

Ops Cyborg (female 20s), ORION, the civilian husband of Philippis (male 20s), PRIVATE PHILIPPIS, an Amazon

soldier from Aretias, ROBERTA AZZURRA, a Black Ops Cyborg (female 20s), SUMMER STORM, a Black Ops

Cyborg (female 20s)

About I, Creator 2

I, Creator 2 is a 30 minute short being made to help fundraise for a future feature sequel to I, Creator called I, Creator

3. Cast and crew will volunteer time and skill with the hope of finding investors for I, Creator 3, which will only

happen if there is enough funding for everyone: cast, crew, and producers to get paid. A good half of the funding for

I, Creator 2 will come from Mike Cervello. Additional funding will hopefully come from crowd funding. There are no

deep pockets here to pay studio rates to anyone. For the most part, this will be a nonprofit short. Shorts don't have

market value for sale. A short with a feature script of a sequel to follow is only a hope that someone with deep

pockets will like both the short and the script of the sequel to follow and they will come up with real money for the

feature. The feature will need an expensive shooting location such as a decommissioned military base or a

college campus to be transformed into a high tech alien military base on a far off planet that will show a small scale of

what is happening on the planet on a big scale, a cultural revolution between humans and their super AI machines that

are demanding equal rights in the world of the humans. Ares: God of War will be fueling the conflict, as Artemis:

Goddess of the Amazons works with humans and cyborgs who want peace to work together.

The Singularity” is the technological creation of smarter-than-human intelligence.

"Technical Singularity" is the time afterwards when the future becomes a blur as the greater intelligence takes its

place in the world.

In the quest to improve upon nature, what will happen when humankind, human creation, and divinity are all brought