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Modern Day Myth Productions LLC is looking for Amazon Actresses to play Amazon roles in:


I, Creator 2: Goddess of the Hunt

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When life around the universe becomes threatened by two Amazons transformed into cyborgs who are obsessed with ruling the universe, the goddess of the Amazons appears to prepare three cyborgs to become the champions of humankind.

Anamatic Preview




Character Breakdowns


1. Andromeda -- A Female Voice-Over Character

A stealth AI spaceship that is next generation Strike Master built and designed for the Black Ops Special Forces of Delta Four.  It is highly armed with weapons and all black and unmarked like the uniforms of the Black Ops Special Forces of Delta Four, designed and built to protect humans from alien predators from other worlds who like to kidnap Amazon soldiers to hunt for sport on other worlds.  Andromeda also runs tactical for the Black Ops Special Forces, guiding them through rescue missions through the cyborgs built-in com-links.  Andromeda supplies the cyborgs with Intel from computer sensor scans and tapping into enemy computer systems.

2. Artemis: Goddess of the Amazons

Illustration #1: Historical Goddess of the Amazons and the Hunt with a hunting knife, bow, and arrow.  Artemis is immortal.  So, she is forever in her 20s.  Since this artwork resembles the statues and paintings of Artemis, an actress with this likeness is who is absolutely needed for this role.

Illustration #2: Also show Artemis as a future army medic for the country of Aretias.  She carries a laser pistol, a hunting knife, and a medical pack

SPECIAL SKILLS: Martial Arts skills is a BIG plus.


3. Ares: God of War -- A Male Voice-Over Character

The God of War will be an invisible spirit that preys upon those who are angry and frustrated and vulnerable to his influence to destroy life, spread terror, and lust for power.


4. Aretias Amazon Army Colonel Alkaia

Standing six feet tall, she wears the army fatigues of a matriarchy society where women are physically superior to men and plural of the genders are referred to with the feminine tense.  She is Caucasian with long dark hair and a slender athletic figure.  She carries a laser rifle, hunting knife, and assorted weapons and military gear on her belt and straps ties to her limbs.   Alkaia is in her 30-40s. SPECIAL SKILLS: Martial Arts skills as in a fit of drunken rage, Alkaia will try to all sorts of martial arts fighting against Special Forces Cyborg leader. General Gail Storm, but hurt herself and not the industructable cyborg.


5. Private Philippis

Standing six feet tall with a slender athletic build, she wearing green fatigues and serves the army the country of Aretias on Delta Four.   She has long hair tied in a ponytail behind her head. She carries a laser rifle and assorted weapons.  Philippis is in her 20s. SPECIAL SKILLS: Acrobatic skills, gymnastic background, and stage fighting to evade a battleaxe attack by the "silver demon" hunters and leap away to safety protecting Orion.


6. Orion

Stands five feet tall, slim, and wears civilian clothes.  He is husband of Private Philippis. SPECIAL SKILLS: gymnastic background and stage combat.


7. Libyan Berber Amazon Colonel Kihina

She is six feet tall and wears the army fatigues of an opposing matriarchy society where women are also physically superior to men.  She has African features with long black hair tied behind her head and a slender athletic build.  She also carries a laser rifle with assorted weapons including a hunting knife and military gear on her belt and straps.  Her uniform is different than the Aretias Army uniforms since she is from another nation.  Kihina is in her 30s. SPECIAL SKILLS: stage fighting required.


8. Captain Callisto

She is six feet tall, wears the brown fatigues and flag of the country of Liberber on Delta Four (based on the Libyan Berber Amazons of Africa on Earth).  She has African features with long hair tied behind her head.  Callisto is army with a laser rifle and assorted weapons.


9. "Silver Demon" Hunters

They are nonhuman aliens.  They stand between five feet to five feet six inches and are male.  They wear silver coverall space suits that contour a human form and wear belts with devices that can turn them invisible using light refraction.  They carry battleaxes and machetes for close and person killings of their prey.  They are like liquid metal life forms. SPECIAL SKILLS: Stage fighting combat. 


10. Amazon Black Ops Special Forces Cyborgs

All cyborgs have long flowing hair.  They are all Amazon women. They wear all black metallic chainmail armor uniforms and carry laser guns.  They are between 6' and 7' tall.  There are two open role.  The open roles are for Summer Storm and Angela Bruno (both hero roles and both are Caucasian with long blond hair).   Since the cyborgs have robot bodies, they do not age and are made to appear in their twenties, have figures humans would kill for, are all over 6' tall and weigh at least 800 pounds.  Their bodies and armor make them bullet proof, fire proof, bomb proof, and short range missile proof.   They have superhuman strength and speeds with all of their senses heighten beyond human ranges.  They see in all electromagnetic spectrums, unlike humans who are limited to visible light. SPECIAL SKILLS: Stage fighting and wrestling experience.

Still casting for General Angela Bruno and Major Summer Storm.Summer_Storm


Why Amazon Actresses Must Play Amazons?

First of all, by "Amazon", that is referring to actresses between 6" and 7' tall. Amazons are beyond what is considered tall for a woman, they are giantesses and they fit the historical height of Amazons. This convention is necessary to understand what is required in height for roles where HEIGHT DOES MATTER. Delta Four is an Amazon world where women are physically superior to men where the average height of a man is 5' tall. So, for Orion and men on Delta Four, actors MUST be between 4' and 5'.

Real life average height of men is 5'9" and women is 5'4" tall here in the world we live in everyday.

In I, Creator, on Delta Four, Artemis created a world where women had the physical advantage over men. On Delta Four, the average height of a woman is 6' tall and a man is 5' tall. How would their society be different if it evolved from the stone age to a futuristic society if women were always the dominant gender?


Actors who fit the breakdowns can email head shots and resumes to Mike Cervello here and ask for an audition.


About I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt

This is a science fiction short of approximately 30 minutes that will be shot in 2011 in New York to help with the funding of our next feature science fiction movie, I, Creator 3: The Singularity.

This I, Creator productions is nonunion. This short is no pay, but screen credit, IMDB credit, a DVD copy of the production, and a screen party are offered. Also, if the features does get funded, the hope is for everyone to get scale pay for the budget of the feature and actors will be called back to reprise their roles. In calling back the same actors to reprise their roles, or offering new roles to returning actors, the hope is to start building a fan base for them to help them and the production together.

Auditions will be held the first week in March 2011. Details will follow as we get closer to that month.

Auditions will continue on Sunday afternoons starting in April until Summer Storm And Angela Bruno roles are cast.

Last minute auditions on Sunday, May 15 and Sunday, May 22 from 2PM to 4PM at Simple Studio at 134 W 29TH Street 2nd floor in Room 212 in NYC between 6TH and 7TH Ave.

Pickup Footage Audtions and Shoot


When: Friday, March 9, 2012 (One Day Only) 1PM to 5:30PM

Loacation: The Barrow Group 312 W 36TH Street Room 4A, NY, NY 10018


Where: Forest Park Forest Park Road and Woodhaven Blvd in Queens, NYC Meet by the picnic area.

When: May 2 and May 3 from 9AM to 6PM

Rehearsals & Shooting

Rehearsals will be from Monday, June 6 to Friday, June 10.

Shooting will be from Monday, June 13 to Friday, June 17.

About I, Creator 3: The Singularity

The script is currently in development and the casting will adhere to very strict guidelines to create a science fiction world of a high tech Amazon civilization. Read about it here: http://mikecervello.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/i-creator-2-goddess-of-the-hunt-is-in-postproduction/

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Meet The Cyborg Stunt Dummy, Robotrix





Robotrix meets the silver demon hunter stunt dummy, Mr. Syler who is under construction.


Props Under Construction


Raw Material For Breakaway Axes


Here are prototype breakaway axes.


How the axes will break, look closely!


And, look closely here too.


Skulls In Moss are a purchased set prop.


A Word About Stunt Coordinators

We have a stunt coordinator and a Special Forces advisor to work with the cast. Be advised, stage fighting and a martial arts, kick boxing, or wrestling background is a MUST for key roles that require special skills.


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