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Built to be a super soldier for the Special Forces of her home planet Delta Four, Gail Storm is an invincible cyborg with a robot body and a cloned human brain of her madman creator. With the intellect of a prodogy scientist, Gail realizes she has the memories of someone else's life, but that is not who she is. She finds her own way in life as a new person and not as a clone with the help of biosynthetic cyborg, Angela Bruno on the planet Earth. Angela is built on Gail's designs with one important difference, Angela has a brain made with biochips made of silicone to mimic the function of human brain cells with some improvements such as faster information processing and a photographic memory.


Below: Angela and Gail together on couch. Dr. Robert Bruno stands, talking on his cell phone.

I, Creator -- Evolution of AI -- Teaser

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I, Creator -- Frankenstein Of The 21ST Century

I Creator -- Frankenstein Of The 21ST Century
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Within the first twenty-four hours after making his daughter, Angela, Dr. Robert Bruno passes out from the exhaustion.  He is the head of a super soldier project for the Military.  He was moonlighting all of his time outside of work to make Angela.  He wonders if Angela will be a savior or the Apocalypse. She is a prototype AI biosynthetic cyborg mostly based on reverse engineering ET Black Ops Special Forces Cyborg, Gail Storm from the planet, Delta Four located in the Alpha Centauri star system.   Robert sees himself in a nightmare observing Angela who is being corrupted by Gail and turns on humanity.  Meanwhile, in the real world, Angela observes the man who made her and draws her own conclusions.